Monday, March 9, 2009

Guess I'm not playing well here...

I should probably go into a time out for not posting anything in so long, wait I think I was in time out and now it's time in! So since the last time I posted I've been to Orlando and my "Minnie S" MINI got 1st Place for the MINI Cooper S class at Spring Thing 14 and my Classic British Open (named Alfie) got 3rd Place for the Re-Shelled class. Our club, Minis of Miami took home about 11 trophies all together and not just because we come out in numbers (but it helps)!

Next, I've started eating Xocai, the healthy chocolate. This stuff is so terrific! In less then a week of eating this wonderful chocolate three times a day, I already notice a difference. My knee joints and low back are no longer hurting! I can stand up and walk normal without feeling stiff and in pain. If this has peaked your interest at all please check out my new website at:

Guess that's it for now, but I do promise to get back here more often. And remember, eat more chocolate, it's good for you (but make sure it's Xocai)!